After 14 years of experience as a Graphic Designer and Art Director in top Quebec agencies, I am currently offering my services as a freelance designer. 
With a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and another in Marketing, I aim to combine creativity and strategic thinking, in order to devise brands and campaigns that fulfill specific communications goals. My previous design experience has given me the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, from branding to packaging and web, allowing me to push creative boundaries.

+ BFA (Concordia University)
+ BCOMM (Concordia University)
+ Cossette (stages) - Identica Montreal + London
+ Sid Lee
+ Akufen
+ Orangetango

+ Featuring

+ Lg2

Applied Arts Award - Boréale Artisan Series (Kölsch)
Category - Craft - Illustration (Series)

Applied Arts Award - Le 11 septembre et moi Posters
Category - Posters (Series)

Applied Arts Award - Wayward Arts | Counterculture: The Non-Conformist Bucket List
Category - Complete Magazine Design

Applied Arts Award - RISE
Category - Non-Alcoholic Beverage series
Applied Arts Award - Théâtre PÀP
Category - Poster series

Prix Grafika - Akousma
Catégorie - Publication culturelle (brochure, dépliant ou catalogue)
Prix Grafika - Voskins
Catégorie - Programme d’identité visuelle (manuel de normes et/ou ensemble d’application)
Applied Arts Award - Voskins
Category - Complete Design Program

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